Do you repair water damaged phones?

Yes. We offer a Water Damage repair service. 

Our water damage repair service aims to restore your device back to working order. One of our skilled repair technicians will strip down your device, put it through a chemical cleaning / drying process and then re-build & test your device.

Due to the nature of water damage these repairs are not available as a Call-out service and are only available through our Mail-in Repair Service

Warning - due to the nature of water damage not all devices can be repaired as water and electricity don’t mix well and the damage is sometimes beyond repair. We will do everything possible to try to restore your device to a functional working order. We have a very good success rate (approximately 8 in 10 devices repaired) but we cannot guarantee success. In some instances, your device still might not work after we have carried out this repair. Therefore, the fee for this service is chargeable whether the device is repaired or not.


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